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Braids by Bee created Instantloc Dread Extensions

Braids By Bee™ 

Master of Dreadlock Repairs known as the Dreadlock Surgeon who perfoms Loc Hair Tranformations 

Important Notice to our Clients
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 

Update at Braids By Bee

      Due to this pandemic we are suffering at this time we are all around the world in the situation.  We are all in tune with the CDC and News Suggestions in staying safe.  
     We have never been so happy to be in private suites.  
Our location is OPEN and is only by appointments.
 Our location is sanitized and cleaned daily with suggested products to disinfect areas before and after use.  We have ask anyone who was ask to self quarantine or have symptoms to cancel there appointments and reschedule.  

     We have waived all cancellation fees and are allowing clients to reschedule to a later time.  We are also open for clients who book ahead of time and our appointments are One on ONE / no extras visitors are allowed at this time.  We ask all clients to not bring extra guest to respect the social space that is asked by the CDC.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Bee via text or email (954) 297-5466 or BraidsbyBee@aol.Com for booking and scheduling.  Financial hardship is upon us all, invoices will be submitted when appointment is booked to confirm your seat.  In the effort to keep our doors open we ask that you pay in advance.   Although this was Bee's policy already we are not making no exceptions at this time.     This time is hard for us all and I ask that we all try and work together to make better outcomes for this devastating time we are in now.  

The most common question: 
What  is 
 Dread Extensions™

Is Faux Locs and InstantLoc
Dread Extensions
the same thing? 

The Definition of Permanent Dread Extensions by Benite Corion aka Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot inc.™ Ceo and Founder Copyright and Trademark Services. 

FAUX LOCS - Faux Locs is the term for "Fake Dreads" and is known to wear as a style not permanent.  This is done with synthetic Marley hair sometimes some use some kanekolan hair on ends to make look natural all around this is a temporary look and not done if you want to start your journey and start growing your own locs and have the look you want right away.  
   INSTANTLOC DREAD EXTENSIONS™- Installing Permanent Dreads by wrapping your current hair into prepared section and create Instant Dreads with human afro hair that matches texture of hair. You skip ugly stages and have the look you want right away.
VIRGIN INSTANTLOCS™Human natural locs that are recycled from another human being, hair that was donated to someone to attach, or hair sold by Bee™ limited quantity. 

Starting Dreadlocks do your research first. 
The most Common Questions answered here.  
Pictures will be shown here to show examples of the work only done by

Benite Corion is the owner of Braids By Bee™ Salon and invented her own technique of Dread Extensions called Instantloc Dread Extensions™ Braid By Bee own the rights these services are registered trademark service with the U.S.P.T.O. 
Instantloc Dread Extensions™ Bee invented 
Reinforcement of Natural Dreads™ Bee invented 
Reconstruction of Natural Locs™ Bee invented
Reinforcement of thin Roots™ Bee invented
Starting Dreads with InstantLocs™ Bee invented
InstantLocs™ Bee invented 
Permanent InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ 
Re-attachment of Locs™ Bee invented
Relocating Natural Locs™ Bee invented
Restoring Thin Locs™ Bee invented
services are Starting Dreads or Sisterlocks from scratch with Human hair added to Repair Natural DreadLocks as well as start them and can be done in Regular size Dreadlocks or small micro size which we call Sisterlocs or Brotherlocs Bee calls her Dreads InstantLoc Dread Extensions™because this is her Brand, her technique and is known as the Best Loctician to start dreads internationally known.  Best Innovator on Repairing Natural DreadLock by Reinforcing, Relocating, Reattaching, Reparting & Rejuvenating Your Dreads Services only at 
Braids By Bee™

Bee consultations are private and cost $150 
for 30 minutes of 
tough love
meaning Bee is raw and will be real about your issues.  Bee™ informs the possibilities are and, what options she can recommend and not only recommend but also execute the job.  
To find out the labor cost and repairs that will be done needs to be broken down for each individual.  All situations are always different.  Each persons documents are reviewed and then recommendations are made.  This consultation can be done via text, email, FaceTime, or in Person.  All consults are documented in form of an appointment and will be documented for future visits.  Due to further notice all consults will be done via text or email  sometimes FaceTime only. 

Start Dreadlocks with dread extensions at Braids by Bee no matter who you are what age you are or what sex you are you can start your dreads with Instantloc Dread Extensions method at Bee's

I’m Bee aka. The Dread Doctor, the owner of Braid By Bee at The Braiding Depot inc™ but also known as DreadsbyBee, and I’m here to offer a new, unique and amazing high-quality hair braiding product miles ahead of any competition you can find! 


InstantLoc Dread Extensions™

Over the last few decades, Dreadlocks and Braids have integrated themselves into popular culture and are considered hugely fashionable in many circles. Lots of young people have decided to go in for the look with mixed results depending on who they go to, to get their dreads done. With customers pouring in from all sorts of income brackets, it’s not surprising that the product they get varies significantly in terms of quality too. As we know high quality products cost money, and when it comes to dreadlocks, you really do get what you pay for.

A lot of people today want the look but do not wish to invest in high quality products that use real hair. Instead, they prefer to invest in products that use synthetic hair and are hence much cheaper. However, such products come with hidden costs in terms of the look and its longevity. For example, I’ve seen many young people today go in for a product called Faux Locs, which uses low-cost synthetic hair called Marley Hair, and then come to my Salon to correct their errors because they weren’t satisfied with the fake hair.  They complain of the Look of being shiny, and it unravels, and they love the look but the quality is not there.  Faux Locs have been known to get sticky and tangle together as well and get way too frizzy. In some cases they unravel and look to shiny implying they are synthetic dreadlocks.  Another thing I’ve heard users complain about is the sheer weight of those things and how painful it can sometimes be to be hauling those extra pounds on your head.

My product, InstantLoc Dread Extensions™, side steps all these problems and gives you a natural, long term look free of hassles. Braids By Bee™ use real, high quality, organic hair in my extensions ™  Also warning many people imitate Braids By Bee™ work and does not know How Braids By Bee™ does her InstantLoc Dread Extensions.  Braids By Bee has a protocol and keeps her clients for years to come when installing these Dreads, She believes in hair growth and starting a new journey with clients who wants this look with a passion but one who wants quality work done and by the Originator herself. 

          The Definition of Instant Dreads by Bee or what we call Dreadlock Extensions is to create Dreadlocks in one day with the help of human hair added to create the look of Dreads.  Lately, the term Faux Locs have been mention, and this is just a term or made up name for Dread Extensions.  Faux Dreadlocks also mean fake and  only temporary. The Term "Faux" is a french word and means Fake.   I teach clients the difference if they want to just have the look or want to have the permanent look of Dreads and start growing your dreads naturally after being wrapped.  Braids By Bee™ does not do Faux Locs even as a style not worth the time or the damages it will do to client hair when removing.  Braids By Bee believes in hair growth, keeping what you have and enhancing the beauty of it.  This site exposes the techniques Braids By Bee™ uses to start dreads.  This method can be used on locks that have been started already however very unruley not maintained.  This can be used to extend your dreads if you want longer length,  This can be used to reinforce broken dreads that have fallen out from wear and tear of real dreads.  This can be used to cover balding areas or give more body (dreads) to existing dreads.  This method can be used to start dreads with permed hair and no longer have to cut off all your hair to start dreads.  Bee can overide this madness by giving you instantlocs as soon as today. I offer free consultations to give you a personal introduction to my options of how we can start your lock journey.  I have made it my business to create this site to expose what we do @ Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc.and to expose photos, reviews, and information about what we do.


      We  offer  one on one consultations to offer you options on how to start dreadlocks.  Most of the time most people think they have to start there dreadlocks with there naturall hair, cut off permed hair, and wait for 2-3 months for hair to dread.  What we do is create ways to give you instant locks with the hair you already have.  Some people are either going natural, or wants dreads but don't want to to wait for the time it would take naturally.  Well what we call Instant Locks is Human hair wrapped around your hair that is sectioned in parts to create dreads instantly.  We use a particular brand of hair and don't use synthetic hair only human hair used to start your dreads.  We also fix natural locks that are thinning, or have fallen out, we fix balding areas by creating a bridge to add more locks to give hair more coverage.  I love to create the look people are looking for an can accomplish it, however how I accomplish it is different from many others.  I appreciate seeing my clients acquiring the look they are looking for, watching there hair grow so fast they don't no how to keep it up.  We also do techniques to end the hair with no signs of ending.  We don't burn ends we don't use any glue. Well this site is cater to Dreads, starting them naturally and with extensions is my specialty.  


      Fixing your problems with your current dreads is what we also specialize in.  We created techinques that can only be offered to you if you take the next step and make an appointment to come see Bee also known as the Dread Doctor.  We will maintain your natural dreads and tell you where is needs attentions if we notice anything that we can do to enhance your dreads we will offer it.  We find that many of our clients those who comes the first time loves the fact that we point out all errors in there locks and we advise what should be done.  Many clients say that never been told of these methods before and they have had there dreads for over 10 years.  Find the specialist to help out your dreads, don't cut them off until you have found a solution that can be repaired if you come to Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc. ™

We Cater to Natural Hair Textures of all KIND.....
Braids Bee Bee is known in the industry to have the perfect solutions to repairing natural dreadlocks, starting dreadlocks, and creating dreads from scratch.

Instant Dread Extensions 



This persons hair was completly short and wanted a full set of locks.  These are yor options to book online click tabs for instant locks however hair must  be paid for first. Can also book a live consultation visit on this site if you want to come in and discuss your options in starting dreads.  Bee samples your hair and tells you the prices and you will be required to leave deposit for hair to schedule your appt.



Braids By Bee offers her Instantloc Dread Extensions in many color options.

Any color any length


We create locks and can wrap your dreads in diffrent colors instead of dying your hair. We extend them, fix them using human hair.  We don't disclose the hair we use publicly for privacy reasons.  Hair must be paid for in advance before your scheduled appointment and can be paid for below. We cater to making you look the way you want once you leave the shop.  We match your hair color as best as could.


Dreadsbybee is well known for over 20 years for starting techniques of natural dreadlocks for all textures hair including complicated hair.

Fix Natural Locks

Do you have dreads now but they are growing shaped wierd and want to correct them.  Do you Suffer with any balding areas, due to dreads that have fallen off because they thinned out in the roots. Do you suffer from many patches in between your locks?   Well Bee has a solution for it. Send me photos ask questions by emailing me at this tab below.  When email is recieved Bee will respond in a timely matter her suggestions, quotes and options of how you can start your dreadlocks to day. 


Been in the business for 20 years and still counting.  Not just a stylist and a shop owner but a friend to the community that she serves.  Bee keeps in touch with her clients and shares her world with the social sites cause she loves what she does, and don't mind to show her own work and work that comes only from her shop is publicized.  

First Shop in Broward county that is and Upscale Braiding shop, no waiting more than 30 minutes because we work by appointments.  We also give you express service.  Many expect to be in shop all day so they bring snacks, movies, ipods, ipads, laptop no problem all that is still welcome, however you will only be there from 4-6 hours the most.  We have wi-fi for your convenience, and have a private restroom on premises.  We also give you advice of what you should do to keep  up your hair style, keep hair loss to a minimum so your dreadlock journey will be a growing beautiful experience. 

  •   We cater to 
  • All hair textures
  • All ages welcome   
  • Design Corn Row Braids  
  • Twist
  • Start Dreads from Scratch
  • Fusion Remy virgin Extensions 
  • Dreadlock Extensions 
  • Sisterloc Extensions 
  • Natural Braids 
  • Micro Braids 
  • Rope Twist 
  • Kinky Twist
  • Sew in Weaves.
  • Knot Weave
  • Crochet weave
  • Genie Locs
  • Yarn Braids
  • Invisible Corn Braids
  • Sewn in Weave 
  • Fusion Extensions
  • Micro Braids for Men 

Best Loctician to start Sisterlocks with Extensions 

InstantLocs Dread Extensions in Sisterlocks size on natural hair permanent hairstyle

Dreadlocks Repair on all types of hair textures and all hair issues can be dealt with.  Custom made Hair units for bald spots are made for clients while you sit in chair at Bee's salon.  
InstantLoc Dread Extensions because of the technique used can be done on any type of hair texture.  Starting dreads from scratch may be a challenge to most but to Bee its not with the techniques and protocol put in place to give you the look you want today.  Braids by Bee aka Dreads by Bee is the best Loctician an originator of her own style and technique of starting each individual dreads.   For more info read the reviews look at the photos and any questions just ask.

Braids by Bee can add some color with wrapping hair extensions to add color
Natural Locs Style by Bee


Members Area

Starting Dreads Naturally with InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique.

Braids by Bee starts InstantLoc Dread Extensions on kids hair.

Sisterlocs done with InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique

Sisterloc Dread Extensions done by Braidsbybee aka Dreadsbybee

Bee Offers Braids for Clients in all areas and have customers from all areas of South Florida, GA, CA, NY, TX, VA, CT, PA, NV, VA, WA, NM, NJ,  LA, MO, IA

BraidsbyBee aka DreadsbyBee real name is Benite Corion and has been doing Braids and Locs for over 20 years and Best in Florida.
Instantloc Dread extensions fills in bald areas for those that need repairs on natural locs.

Hair Units


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    Dreads on my complicated hair

Dread Repairs

Instantloc Dread Extensions are used to repair natural dreadlocks as well as start them from scratch.

InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ 

InstantLoc Dreads started on natural hair to start her dreadlock journey,

Instant Dread Extensions™

InstantLoc Dread Extensions is originated by Braids by Bee aka Benite Corion

Best Loctician to start Dreads on any type of hair texture 

InstantLoc Dread Extensions done on white person hair .

InstantLoc Dread Extensions 

Best Loctician to Start Dreads 


InstantLoc Dread Extensions

Dread Repairs

Reinforce Thin Dreads

Starting Dreads 

Instant Dread Extensions

Clients that are Serious about there hair and wanting the right quality type of service will travel from far to come to Braids By Bee for her expertise.  Clients that are well known by Bee take flights or Drive sometimes even taking Greyhound to get to Bee salon.  Clients from GA, CA, NV, VA, LA, NY, FL, CT, NJ, PA, WI, NC, SC, AL, TX, VA, WA, TN, UT, CO, AR, AL, KY, ID Clients that fly in from out the U.S. so in other words clients are never to far to get the BEST. 

Get information today on what can be done on your dreadlocks by consulting with Bee today.  
Hair Transformation sometimes consist of a dreadlock custom Bridge hair unit made or I can use your own Locs to relocate to top area if you have hair to work with.  For clients in need of some relocation, reattaching dreads and repairing dreadlocks sort of like a Hair transplant. These options are only offered after reviewing what you currently have now on your head.  Bee then examines photos sent and makes and evaluation on options that can be offered and executed.  Once options are offered clients make there choice than you can book an appointment and feel more comfortable knowing what to expect and what they are paying for.   

We do hair transformations and hair transplant for clients with long dreads we use those to relocate in other areas that are in need of coverage and we make hair units out of your own hair.

Dreadlock Repairs 

Braids By Bee can be found on all social media platforms watch her videos, check out her reviews she is the best in the world to do dreadlock services like no other.

Consult with Bee today

Braids By Bee logo for her trending Instantloc Dread Extensions
Braids by Bee consults clients who wants to start dreads with there natural hair.  Bee offers options which is why its important to do consult first.
Braids By Bee logo for trademark services at her salon.